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Based on our high quality production standards the P-SIX MAX engine represents the answer to drivers looking for a real good SIX ported turbo performance engine at a competitive price.
The P-SIX MAX has quality internal parts for a long lasting engine.
Driveability and fuel economy are optimized for the latest buggy chassis.
Internally designed with low timing so you can fully appreciate the torque.
Designed with 6 ports, the P-SIX MAX offers easy-to-tune characteristics and strong low end power.
The reduced weight of the crankcase and cylinder head is an important advantage for your car' s handling.
The P-SIX MAX is supplied with a 14mm “turbo” silicone filled crankshaft crankshaft, “knife edged” aerodynamic connecting rod, hard chromed brass lapped liner with 6 ports to optimize RPM at low range, lightened piston CNC machined from high percentage silicone alloy billet, turbo combustion chamber insert, light weight cooling head, 14mm main bearing, front rubber sealed dust protected bearing and the latest special designed buggy composite slide carburettor with 7.0mm venturi insert.