PIC9655 BOOST .28 5TR

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Specially developed for the latest Truggy and Monster Trucks, the BOOST .28 5TR provides high torque and a lot of power over the entire rpm range with very good fuel efficiency. The BOOST .28 5TR is designed with 5 transfer ports and 2 booster exhaust ports.

The BOOST .28 5TR is supplied with a 14mm 'turbo' crankshaft, 'knife edged' aerodynamic connecting rod, hard chromed brass liner with 5 + 2 ports, lightened CNC machined piston made from high percentage silicone alloy billet, separate turbo combustion chamber insert for better heat dissipation, Swiss quality 14mm main bearing and a composite slide carburetor with 8.0mm and 9.0mm venturi inserts.


• 5 Ports + 2 bypass hard chromed liner
• CNC machined billet Piston
• 14mm turbo crankshaft
• Knife edged aerodynamic connecting rod
• Separate turbo combustion chamber insert
• Swiss quality 14mm main bearing
• Lightweight cooling head
• Composite slide carburetor
• 6.0mm and 7.0mm venturi inserts

Technical data:

• Displacement: 4,67cc
• Bore: 18,35mm
• Stroke: 17,60mm
• Output: 3,1hp @ 33,000rpm
• Weight: 360gr