O'Donnell Speed Blend

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It's all about time...

...and the EPIC changes it can bring. Today's fastest formula in nitro racing fuel? It's in bottles emblazoned with the bold orange "O" — marking brand new Speed Blend Racing Fuel.

O'Donnell Racing Fuel has always been the standard by which others are measured. The new Speed Blend formula takes it to the next level. Using superior ingredients, an advanced oil package and computer-controlled blending, Speed Blend delivers the extreme rpm and long run time that high-stakes competition demands. You’ll see a smoother idle and crisper throttle response, too!

You practice nonstop, tweaking and tuning to pare crucial seconds off your last personal best. Why? Because perfecting that winning formula takes time.

And now, it's time to power those racing machines with new Speed Blend Racing Fuel — the fuel that's as hard-core as you are.

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