Kyosho Inferno VE

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Kyosho announces the new Inferno VE brushless powered racing buggy. The Inferno?s six consecutive World

Championship victories confirms it as the fastest R/C off-road machine in the world. This performance can

now be enjoyed by everyone in the form of the new Inferno VE Readyset. The Inferno VE brings you the best of

both worlds, Kyosho?s legendary world championship quality and Team Orion?s superior performing Vortex

brushless system. This isn't just a nitro buggy chassis with a motor. This is a brand new buggy platform

from the ground up, strategically placed components achieve optimal weight balance and handling


Available: Now


    7.5 US Sports 2 based
    Compatible with most 7.5 series parts
    Heavy Duty Spiral Cut Ring/ Pinion
    Adjustable Turnbuckles
    Front and Rear Molded Chassis Brace
    New Super High Air Flow Body
    Die-Cast Motor Mount
    CNC Machined Steel Pinion Gear
    Front Universal Driveshafts
    EZ Gear Mesh Motor Mount
    Team Orion Vortex 8 System
    Center Drive Shaft Guard
    Super Deans Plugs
    10 Gauge Wire
    Anodized Aluminum Shocks
    17mm Wheel Hubs
    Rear, Center and Front Differentials
    Real Time 4WD
    High Torque Servo
    Ready Set - The new Inferno VE is offerd in a completely ready to go form. All componets are pre-

assembled, all you have to do is get ready to tear up the competition. The Inferno VE comes equppied with a

Team Orion Vortex 8 race spec ESC and motor combo front universals, 17mm wheel hubs, steel center spur-gear

and much much more.
    Transmission - The Inferno VE transmission is the same as the nitro version which comes equipped with a

steel center spur gear that makes stripping a gear a thing of the pass. The Center diff also contains a full

set of diff gears and diff fluid in the proper weight, that translates to a bomb proof transmission.
    Rear Suspension - The rear suspension uses the same race proven composit nylon suspension arms as the

nitro Inferno 7.5 differential ring and pinion gears are made from a heavy duty steel with a spiral cut

which makes the gear much more compact and stronger than a standard cut gears. The shock bodies are full

aluminum construction with quick adjustment clips for quick on the fly preload adjustments. The rear shock

tower is made from a full aluminum contruction with multiple shock mounting points, and the whole rear end

is stiffend up with a rear molded chassis brace.
    Front Suspension - Symmetrical suspension arms connect to the front bulk head which come together for a

rigid assembly. Housed in the front bulkhead are heavy duty steel gears with a spiral cut to them for added

strength. The front diff also contains a full set of diff gears and the proper weight differential fluid,

for better added cornering and overall handling. The front uses two universal driveshafts instead of

dogbones, in conbination with full set of bearings thoughout the drive train. This gives you a World

Championship drive train from a readyset. You can also fine tune for the optimal camber setting with

adjustable turnbuckles. The front shock bodies are full aluminum construction with quick adjustment clips

for quick, on the fly preload adjustments.
    Team Orion Vortex 8 - The Vortex 8 brushless motor and ESC combo is what powers the Inferno VE. The Team

Orion Vortex 8 race spec ESC is equipped with a cooling fan system that will always be on to completely

prevent any pebbles from jaming the fan. Compared to the current RTR ESC?s which the fan will only turn on

when the FET temperature rises and cant engage due to a small pebble jaming it, causing overheating. Heat

protection safe circuit, when this feature is activiated (automatically) the throttle fuction will shut down

preventing any possible disaster. Auto Cut Off is another features on the Vortex 8 ESC, incase of a

overload, the ESC will automatically cut off th protect the entire system. Auto battery detection, on/off

switch is seperate from the ESC so its lotally replaceble in the need arises and also a dust switch cover as

standard equipment.

Vortex Experience B/L Motor:

    550 Size Motor
    2040 KV
    Continuous Current: 85A
    Peak Currenty: 160A
    Max RPM 60,000
    5mm Heavy Duty Shaft
    Cooling Fins

Vortex Experience ESC:

    Sensorless Brushless Only*
    Compatible with 6-12 Cells (NiMh) and 2S - 4S (Lipo)
    BEC Voltage 6V
    BEC Current 3A
    Continuous Max Current: 120A
    Peak Current: 160A
    Over Input Voltage Protection (Over 4S)
    Low Voltage Cutoff is programmable (Auto Detect 3.0Vper.Cell)
    Thermal Prtection at 96c
    Dimensions (WxL) 58x47mm


    Pre-Assembled Chassis
    Pre-Painted Body
    Team Orion Vortex 8 Motor
    Team Orion Vortex 8 ESC
    Perfex KT6 Transmitter and R/C System
    L Hex Wrench
    Cross Wrench

What is a Ready Set

    A Readyset is a fully assembled model that includes nearly everything you need to run. Body Color scheme

is complete so only consumables like batteries and 7.4v Lipo/7.2v NiMh are required so you can start

operating the model without delay.

Required For Operation:

    AA- Batteries x8
    7.2NiMh Stick Pack (3300mAh or higher) w dean plugs 1 or 2 pks
    2S- 1P Lipo with deans plugs 1 or 2 packs
    3S- 1P Lipo with deans plugs 1 pack only*
    Proper charger for proper type of battery

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