Kyosho DRX Subaru Impreza

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In addition to dedicated R/C off-road courses, this machine attacks gravel, tarmac and any other surface with extreme confidence. The sweet resonating sound of the exhaust note signals the power of the GP engine that delivers the relentless drive of a true WRC machine. The precise dimensions of the long wheelbase chassis with 3-differential full-time 4WD produces the stable straight line performance and drift control that lets you transform any open space into a racing circuit for a driving experience like never before. With roll and tire squeal like the real machine and the finely detailed body, the world of rally car racing has never been closer than with the dramatic action of this dynamic model racer.With the new model 2007 IMPREZA as its base, SUBARU mounted its latest assault on the World Rally Championships with the SUBARU IMPREZA WRC 2008. The main design objective of improved control characteristics resulted in a longer wheelbase and short overhang as well as a lighter overall weight. The evolution of the symmetrical AWD system and horizontally opposed boxer engine realized the benefits of the low center of gravity chassis design. The unmistakeable blue color design was enhanced with new white and silver lines for a new 2008 style to continue its long running fight in the WRC. Subaru fans from around the world greeted the new model with resounding cheers of approval.


    3 Differential Drive System - Long wheel base chassis with 3-differential full-time 4WD realizes the low center of gravity and excellent suspension for great running performance on any type of surface.
    Fully Interchangeable - Fully interchangeable suspension arms and knuckles realize economical and efficient parts maintenance.
    Rock Guard - Knuckle design features rock guards that prevent dirt and stones getting inside and locking the wheels up unexpectedly. In the heat of racing battle, this is an essential design feature.
    Independent Suspension - Specially designed 4-wheel independent suspension delivers plenty of stroke even on the upward side for stable high-speed surface tracing and powerful running performance.
    Rally Pattern Tires - Rally pattern pneumatic rubber tires and wheels compliment the scale appearance of the body and its separate clear-lens headlights.
    Clear Headlight Lens - Separate clear lens headlights included add a detailed finish to the scale realistic body and decals.
    2 Shoe Clutch System - Uses the same separated clutch structure as racing buggies to deliver superior throttle response.
    Large Capacity Air Filter - Large air cleaner works effectively to extend the maintenance cycle of the engine.
    No Holes - Downward facing offset of the muffler exit eliminates the need for exhaust holes in the body.
    Large Oil Filled Shocks - Large capacity oil shocks with chassis height adjustment function are included as standard.
    Keep the Dirt Out - Dirt resistant radio box can be completely removed with just four screws for easy maintenance.
    Dual Disk Brakes - Dual disk brakes allow individual brake settings on the front and rear.
    Large Fuel Tank - 103cc fuel tank delivers run times of more than 10 minutes.
    Racing Features - Racing design features include a transponder stay and a quick opening fuel tank cap.
    Unlimited Adjustments - Setting options are available for chassis height, camber, tread, as well as front and rear toe angle.
    Full Range of Option Parts - Optional clutch springs and clutch shoes provide a variety of power feel settings. Install an optional stabilizer to take performance to an even higher level.

What is a Ready Set

    A Readyset is a fully assembled model that includes nearly everything you need to run. Body Color scheme is complete so only consumables like batteries and fuel are required so you can start operating the model without delay.

ReadySet Contents

    Pre-assembled chassis by Kyosho
    Completed pre-painted body
    Mounted GXR.18 engine with recoil starter
    Special manifold and muffler
    PERFEX KT-6 R/C system installed
    Cross Wrench

Required For Operation

    AA-size batteries x 12 for R/C system, D-size batteries x 2 for plug heater and fuel are sold separately.
    R/C Fuel (20%)
    Glow Plug Heater
    Fuel Bottle

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