Kyosho 1/5 GP15 2WD Birel R31-SE

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The Kyosho Birel 1/5 Racing Kart is a scale replica of the popular R31-SE kart used in international FIA competition, where many Formula 1 drivers got their start in racing. The Kyosho Racing Kart features scale bodywork and graphics identical to that of the full-size racing kart. Its factory assembled, so with some minor prep work, the R31 is ready to go in a very short time! The extreme performance and thrill of karting can now be experienced again with this latest generation replica of the famous Birel kart.

The R31 features a unique drivetrain identical to that of the full-size kart with a 2wd solid axle. This drive system along with the rigid suspension is what gives these high-performance karts such blistering performance, often rivaling that of many full-blown racecars. This is not just a fun model for beginners – it does feature an easy-to-start GZ15 engine and some basic chassis adjustments, but like the full-size kart, its performance is explosive, so it can capture the imagination of a wide range of enthusiasts from beginners to experts.


    Fully replicated 1/5th scale model of the Birel R31-SE
    The Kyosho R31 is a perfect hybrid between the full-size kart and RC with trailing steering knuckles, belt drive system, and T-bar rear suspension.
    Paint scheme replicates the actual Birel graphics and color.
    The chassis features a super low center of gravity and it’s tuned for direct, responsive steering feel just like the full-size kart.
    Newly developed exhaust pipe allows smooth but powerful acceleration and top speed.
    Rear disc brake provides excellent stopping power and the ability to get the kart to rotate better in the corners.
    Outer body parts made from durable, flexible material that’s designed to withstand hard impacts.
    Equipped with powerful, reliable GZ15 engine that features a two-needle slide carburetor for precise fuel metering, and durable, high-performance ABC construction.
    Equipped with true-to-scale scale rubber tires featuring high-grip rubber, so the kart not only looks great, it also has great traction and superior handling.
    Flip-top 75cc fuel tank allows for quick refills while the engine is running, so you can keep running for as long as you like.
    Two shoe tunable clutch provides a great balance of smooth and strong acceleration, and can be modified with optional clutch springs to tune for conditions.

What is a Ready Set

    A Readyset is a fully assembled model that includes nearly everything you need to run. Body Color scheme is complete so only consumables like batteries and fuel are required so you can start operating the model without delay.

ReadySet Contents

    Pre-assembled chassis by Kyosho
    Completed pre-painted body
    Mounted GZ.15 engine with recoil starter
    Special manifold and muffler
    PERFEX KT-6 R/C system installed
    Cross Wrench

Required For Operation

    AA-size batteries x 12 for R/C system, D-size batteries x 2 for plug heater and fuel are sold separately.
    R/C Fuel (20%)
    Glow Plug Heater
    Fuel Bottle

Technical Data:

    Scale: 1/5
    Length: 425mm (16.7in)
    Width: (F)268mm(10.5in) (R)302mm(11.8in)
    Wheelbase: 260mm (10.2in)
    Gear Ratio: 4.15:1
    Weight: 2,100g

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