KO Propo EX-5 UR

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Perfect upgrade!

The EX-5 UR is the perfect upgrade for those looking for a dedicated 2.4GHz option with a 3CH function and includes two receivers (KR-407S or KR-210S) or one receiver (KR-210S) and one digital metal gear servo (PDS-2511) for added value. For those that want to set various positions to the 3rd channel, will find this Tx very functional.


The ergonomic looks coupled with a futuristic styling, set a new standard in steer wheel radios. That slanting look is practical too as it allows for easy pickup of the transmitter! Technically the EX-5 UR features seven model memory with a LCD display panel to inform you of the various settings that are available. New features that were added to this radio that are listed below.

Electrims mean no more changes to your set up whilst the radio's on the pit table and setting rates and servo reverse is simple using the instructions provided. * Ultra High Speed Response requires the use of genuine KO products and digital servos.


Feature are listed below.

    Steering Functions: Monitor / Trim / Travel / Balance / Reverse / Speed / Curve / Sub-Trim
    Throttle Functions: Monitor / Trim / High Point / Brake Travel / Reverse / Speed / Curve / Sub-Trim / ABS
    Other Functions: 3CH setting (2-5 Positions) / Model Name / Model Select / 7 Model Memory / Model Copy / Model Reset / Adjust VR

EX-5 UR sets:
EX-5 UR with two KR-407S (4 channel) receivers #80095
EX-5 UR with one KR-210S (2 channel) receiver & one PDS-2511 ICS(Digital Metal Gear) servo  #80098
EX-5 UR with two KR-210S (2 channel) receivers #80099

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