KO Propo EX-10 Eurus

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The EX-10 Eurus 4-channel radio features some of the same classic features as the Helios series radio, but its new CPU processor allows for speeds that are faster and incorperates the new DDS (Direct Digital System).  The ease of navigation with the new menu system allows for you to jump into either Model Selection, Steering Functions, Throttle Functions or operational settings.

Other new features include 40 model memory, channel mixing, 2-5 position for the 3rd & 4th channels, dual rate override, neutral brake setting, 3-D trigger for more comfort, new lower profile harder steering sponge, decrease angle spacer for steering mechanical throw adjustment, new steering rocker system for smooth steering action, module recognition and more.

The EX-10 Helios took the transmitter functionality to new heights with comfort and PC integration, but the EX-10 Eurus brings the new era of the direct digital system to you with more ergonomics and functionality. EX-10 Helios options will work with the EX-10 Eurus.

*Using the Direct Digital System (RF-902S and RF-904FH modules) requires the use of digital servos.  Compatibility chart can be found here .

Features are listed below.

    Steering Functions: Trim / Travel / Balance / Sub Trim / Trim Rate / Speed / Punch / Curve / Reverse / Dual Rate
    Throttle Functions: Trim / High Point / Brake / Sub Trim / Trim Rate / Speed / Punch / Curve / Reverse / Neutral Brake / Auto Start / ABS / Acceleration / Idling
    Model Menu: Model Select / Model Name / Model Copy / Model Reset / Data Pack Format
    Option Menu: 3CH 4CH / Response / Input / Set Up / Volume Adjust / Auto Repeat / Power Alarm / Dispaly / LED / Contrast / Backlight / Title / Intelligent Recognition Module / Buzzer / Custom Tone / Stopwatch / Down Timer

EX-10 Eurus sets:
No.80400 EX-10 Eurus 2.4GHz SS Tx/Rx w/Setting Module (RF-902S module & KR-409S receiver)
No.80401 EX-10 Eurus 2.4GHz SS Tx/Rx (RF-902S module & KR-409S)
No.80402 EX-10 Eurus 2.4GHz ASF Tx/module for Mini-Z (RF-902SM module)
No.80410 EX-10 Eurus 2.4GHz FH-SS Tx/Rx w/Setting Module (RF-904FH module & KR-411Fh receiver)  NEW

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