Iveco Trakker EVO 2

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Car Specifications:



•4WD Chassis
•Center Shaft Drive Transmission
•Adjustable Ball Differentials
•2mm Hex Ball Stud Ends and Screws
•Front Universal Driveshafts
•Realistic Brake Discs and Detailed Wheels & Tyres
•Fully Adjustable Turnbuckles
•Fully Detailed and Painted Body with Decals
•EZpower 23T 540-size Motor
•EZpower 3000mAh NiMH Battery Pack
•20T Motor Limit Electronic Speed Controller
•High-Torque 3Kg Steering Servo
•240V AC Delta Peak 1.8A Smart Charger
Transmitter Specifications:
•2.4GHz Transmitter and Receiver
•15 Models Memory
•Adjustable End Point (EPA)
•Adjustable Anti Lock Brakes (ABS)
•Adjustable Exponential (EXP)
•Servo Reverse
•Built-in Failsafe
•Back Light LCD Display
Required Equipment:
•8 x AA cells for the transmitter
•1/12th scale fully factory assembled chassis, with painted and detailled bodyshell.
•3000mAh battery and Delta Peak charger included.
•Three pieces design plastic tub chassis with shaft drive 4WD.
•Separate moulded differential boxes allowing external adjustability using a 2mm hex driver.
•Front universal driveshafts. 
•Ball raced differentials for smooth operation and long life.
•Lightweight plastic outdrives reduce the rotating mass of the drivetrain together with Aluminium "diff saver" rings to prevent widening or possible damage during runs.
•Wheel designs are individual and correct to the particular model vehicle. The wheel axles run in ball bearings and the wheel hexes come complete with cool mock brake discs.
•Fully tuneable chassis set-up allowing adjustable camber, castor, toe-in and roll centers.
•The front and rear shock towers have multiple location holes for the shock absorbers & camber links to allow adjustment of the suspension settings to individual taste and also according to the track conditions. Tension of the front and rear springs (harder springs in the front and softer in the rear) is also adjustable using plastic clips.
•Hassle-free operation, high quality 2.4GHz three channel transmitter with matched receiver complete with built in LCD display! Transmitter features a 15 model memory, adjustable EPA (End Point Adjustment), ABS (Anti-lock Brakes), EXP (Exponential) and Servo Reverse. Built-in adjustable failsafe function to slow the car down in the unlikely event of signal loss.
•Lighting kits also available.