HPI Nitro MT2 G3.0

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How do you make the next generation Nitro MT 2 truck even better? Add more power, more speed, and extra durability! We added the powerful and exciting G3.0 engine which has already been setting things alight in the Firestorm 10T. The G3.0 has .18 cubic inches of displacement (versus .15 cubic inches on the T-15 engine) that helps it crank out more torque and higher top speed, propelling the Nitro MT 2 G3.0 to over 45mph! Now that's FAST!

For maximum power we optimized the gear ratios for the G3.0 engine and added a new aluminum dual chamber tuned pipe and aluminum tube header to help the engine breathe freely and efficiently, and a new high flow dual-stage air filter that helps keep out dust and dirt for extended engine life! A new 100cc fuel tank is 50% larger than the original Nitro MT 2 fuel tank for extended run time between pit stops.

To handle the extra power, the chassis and suspension have been upgraded with redesigned front suspension parts for improved strength, a heavy-duty clutch bell, and tougher diff gear material for extra durability. The combination is tough to beat… tougher and faster, all in a ready-to-run 4WD 1/10th scale truck platform that has extensive parts support and tuning options.

The all-new Dirt Force body is pre-painted with bold graphics, and comes pre-trimmed and mounted to the chassis with the decals pre-applied for the ultimate in ease and good looks. It doesn’t get easier than that! And now you have the choice of two different body colors, deep metallic blue with silver and black stripes, or bright red with orange and black stripes. To top everything off we added shiny chrome 6-spoke “Scorch” off-road wheels, realistic Yokohama Geolander tires, and a stealthy grey anodized chassis!

Add all of these new features and upgrades to everything that's already great about the Nitro MT 2 chassis and you get a fast and tough off-road truck that works great for racing and bashing! Extra-long suspension arms cushioned with long-stroke oil-filled shocks to soak up the bumps, tough shaft drive 4WD system for maximum grip on any surface, a full set of sealed ball bearings for efficiency, and a removable radio tray that lets you quickly clean and work on the truck… it’s all there on the Ready-To-Run Nitro MT 2 G3.0!

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