HPI Firestorm 10T

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The HPI Firestorm 10T combines HPI's legendary durability with the high performing, nitro burning, Firestorm stadium truck platform. Built to conquer whatever you throw at it, the already well-equipped Firestorm just got even better! It still packs the same all metal gear drivetrain, extremely powerful G3.0 power plant and aluminum tuned pipe just to name a few. It now comes loaded with an HPI 2.4GHz radio system, two fresh new body graphics, shiny chrome Scorch wheels, and bonus accessories to get you up and running - glow igniter, fuel bottle, extra glow plug, 4-way wrench, and Plazma AA's for your transmitter and receiver!

The Firestorm 10T has it all: speed, handling, value and great looks... all in a convenient ready-to-run package that gets you out of the box and running in no time at all.

The Firestorm 10T features the HPI Nitro Star G3.0 engine for loads of on-demand power and the ultimate in reliability. This high-output engine features a racing style SG shaft for the best power transfer to the transmission. An aluminum crankcase with cooling fins and a large forged heatsink head provide optimal cooling for long engine life and consistent performance. An aluminum tuned pipe and one-piece manifold give maximum torque and raw stump-pulling power! Finally, a reliable pull starter gets the G3.0 started up easily and a dual stage foam filter round out the engine package to make it the ultimate power source.


* High-power G3.0 engine
* Twin-chamber aluminum tuned pipe
* Bulletproof all metal gear transmission
* Steel front and rear axles and dogbones.
* Fiber brake disk with piston actuation.
* 16 high efficiency ball bearings.
* Adjustable turnbuckles at camber and
steering rod positions.
* Captured hinge pins throughout.
* High quality dual stage air filter.
* M 0.8 pitch spur and clutch bell.

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