HPI Crawler King

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HPI makes getting right into crawling simple and fun with the excellent Crawler King ready to run truck kit! With its tall Rock Grabber tires, heavy beadlock wheels, super-narrow chassis, front-mounted battery and motor, full-time 4WD and locked gearboxes, you will be be king of the mountain!

Crawling allows you to attempt the impossibble by attacking near-vertical cliffs, slick rock faces and piles of mountain rubble! Although in competitions the truck owners compete against each other, the magic appeal of rock crawling is that each driver competes against their own abilities, trusting in the strength of their equipment and the machine that is bringing them up the hill.

The Perfect All-Around RC Truck!

The Crawler King is a fantastic RTR rock crawler, but it can do so much more! When you drive the Crawler King, you can go anywhere - mud, sand, tarmac, rock, gravel and much more - and be sure of coming back again! The drivetrain is rock-solid, the parts are durable to come back from falls and tumbles, it performs like a champ and is strong enough to get over just about anything you can get to! It also looks great with the chrome wheels, off-road tires and painted and detailed bodyshell! The Crawler King makes an ideal first-time RC vehicle!

When you're ready to hit the rocks, the Crawler King gets you started crawling with ease - with the ultra-flexible Wheely King 4x4 chassis as a starting point, we've added the excellent #87633 Rock Crawler Conversion for the best weight distribution, extra articulation and tuning, plus #4896 Rock Grabber tires for extreme grip and finally #3213 Rock 8 beadlock 2.2 inch wheels in chrome for great style and extra weight down low, right where you need it!

To provide precise control for the Crawler King, we've added the excellent HPI TF-1 radio set with SF-1 servo and the torquey Crawler 55T motor provides the power, while our own EN-1 reversible speed controller handles the power.

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