Futaba 2PL

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These is a New Futaba 2PL 75Mhz AM Computer Transmitter (Transmitter ONLY -  No servos, No receiver, No crystals). This lot includes the following manufacturers stock number(s):
Transmitter - no manufacturer stock #
ANT16 - Futaba 2PL Tx Antenna 
This transmitter includes such special features as:
One-button programming for fast and easy menu access
Ten model memory stores and selects preset programming for up to ten different models
One trim switch allows setting and adjusting trims without returning to the menu
Steering dual rate strategically located on the grip close to the trigger offers more mid-range control, crucial when cars are going into corners
Steering/Throttle End Point Adjustment (EPA) limits servo travel for more control and to prevent servo damage
ABS braking initiates on and off pulsing for less skidding and can be set for slow, mid, or fast pulsing